Affiliated Practitioners

Jean Mills, BSc Med (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

Jean founded her clinical nutrition practice in 1996. She has a strong grounding in medical dietetics with a special interest in paediatrics and oncology patients. In 2013 she embarked on a journey of Nutrigenomics. She believes this is the future of personalized healthcare and nutrition and is passionate about this growing field of nutrition. Precision nutrition and optimum health is achievable for individual patients and she loves working in this exciting and developing field.


Claire McMahon, BSc Med (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

After graduating from UCT, Claire lectured in the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit at UCT and then worked in the UK. She joined Jean in 1999. Claire is interested in the management of gastrointestinal and kidney problems, and experienced in the nutritional therapy required for people (adults and adolescents) who suffer from eating disorders.


Gina Fourie, BSc (Hons) Dietetics, BSc Med (Hons) Exercise Science

Gina has an honours degree in Sport Science, as well as dietetics. This reflects her interest in helping both amateur and professional sportsmen and women effectively manage their diets. She joined the practice in 2004. She has many years of experience in the management of lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, and over a decade’s experience in supporting people with gastrointestinal and digestive disorders.


Dr. Yael Joffe, PhD Registered dietitian FACN

With a degree in Dietetics and a PhD from the University of Cape Town on the genetics and nutrition of obesity, Yael has spent much of her career becoming an internationally-recognized expert in the rapidly-emerging field of Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics. She has co-authored It’s Not Just Your Genes, The SNP Journal, and Genes to Plate, the first gene-based recipe book in Southern Africa. She has also published in peer-reviewed journals and has been involved in the development and supervision of nutrigenomics courses around the world. Dr Joffe is currently an Adjunct Professor, teaching Nutrigenomics at Rutgers University, and teaches an online Translational Nutrigenomics training course for health practitioners.


Judith Johnson, Registered dietitian

Judith has been a consulting dietitian for over 25 years, more recently working in the functional nutrition and nutrigenomic realm. She has extensive experience in sports and diabetes nutrition and is currently specializing in gene-based personalized nutrition. Judith is the consulting dietitian at 3X4 and is one of the authors on the recently launched nutrigenomic recipe book, Genes to Plate


Dr. Julie Etellin,  MBChB

Julie qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Cape Town over 22 years ago and subsequently gained work experience in the UK across the disciplines of geriatric psychiatry, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine. In 2000 Julie returned to SA to open her own private practice Cape Town. Realizing that 21st century medicine needs to be more functional, impactful and multi-disciplinary she enrolled in the Integrative Medicine programme at Stellenbosch University. Julie recently completed two courses in Functional Medicine including AFMCP. Julie has a keen interest in Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s disease and has continued her studies in this area.


 Annelie Smith, Registered dietitian

Annelie has been a consulting dietitian for over 25 years, more recently focused on Nutrigenomics, sports nutrition and Functional Nutrition, which she is currently training in at IFNA. Annelie presents talks and workshops to companies and groups on wellness and nutrition and in private practice she is an expert at precision nutrition, coming up with a data-driven personalised treatment plans that work. Annelie is head of nutrition at 3X4 Clinics.


Rochez O'Grady, BSc Dietetics Hons (University of Stellenbosch) 2008 Registered with HPCSA and ADSA

Rochez has a holistic approach to helping individuals on the journey to health. She has a passion for approaching every person that comes to see her as unique. She has equipped and specialised herself with a number of tools to help those that come to see her in order for them to achieve optimal health and behaviour change.  She is the founder of the practice MunchWize. Her focus areas are Nutrigenomics and Mindful Eating Practices. She passionately specialises in genetic testing (nutrigenomics), weight management, sports nutrition, lifestyle conditions, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), IBS, intolerances and pregnancy nutrition.