How to add a client to your profile

This is really easy... Simply send us an email (to, and cc your client.

All we need is their Name and Email, and Discount % if any (and if the email is from you, we know it's your client).

We then send them an invitation to sign up, and a discount code (if you give them a discount). Then they can start purchasing!

What we find works really well, is that you tell them about Vitagene when consulting to them, then pop us an email, something along the lines of:

"Please invite Jane Smith to Vitagene [and give her X% discount].
Jane, you will need to buy:

EXUVIANCE AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules


In doing so, you are confirming product details to your client so they know what to purchase, and we have their contact details to load under your profile.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Vitagene Support