Biomax Magnesium Berry Flavoured

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Biomax Magnesium Advanced Delivery®, a potent magnesium supplement formulated for fast absorption and sustained release. The formula is also enriched with prebiotic fibre for improved gut health, Liposomal technology and includes phosphatidylcholine to provide optimum therapeutic benefits.

Biomax Magnesium Advanced Delivery® is a highly absorbable and bioavailable complex of Magnesium and Liposome which is not impacted by the presence of other nutrients, unlike conventional forms of magnesium. By using liposomes – tiny phospholipid particles – that surround and transport the magnesium directly into the bloodstream, Magnesium Citrate is converted into a form with higher levels of absorption and better bioavailability. This ensures that the magnesium survives stomach acid intact and prevents degradation during digestive process.

Biomax Magnesium Advanced Delivery® contains prebiotic fiber to optimize gut health while the delivery Liposome mechanism is enriched with phosphatidylcholine complex for brain and liver support.



Consume 1 sachet a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.



Dosage: 1 Sachet 

Energy                                                                                         92kj

Total carbohydrates                                                                     0.3g

Sugar                                                                                           0.3g

Elemental magnesium                                                                 250mg                           

(as citrate + liposomal)

Prebiotic fibre                                                                              2000mg                       



Other Ingredients:

Contains sweetner (119mg stevia extract and 3g xylitol per 8.5mg sachet), beetroot powder, flavourants, fruitaric acid and xanthan gum



Store at or below 25 degrees celsius. Keep in outer container until required for use.



















Does not contain:

sugar, gluten, preservatives, GMO's

Suitable for vegetarians



Store at or below 25 degrees celsius. Keep in outer container until required for use.