Joint Vibrance + CBD

Joint Vibrance + CBD 14 servings by Vibrant Health

Joint Vibrance + CBD

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Pain Reliever. Knees. Hips. Joints. Anti-inflammatory. Collagen Booster = Anti-Aging. Runners & Cartilage Rebuilder + CBD

Joint Vibrance is now available with the added benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), derived from agricultural hemp. This full-spectrum CBD material, sourced from premier brand CV Sciences, provides an additional boost to the Joint Vibrance formula. CBD is becoming more recognized among the medical community as a key supplement to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Joint Vibrance combines botanical extracts, specific minerals, powerful nutrients and much more to restore joint function and structure.

No other formula is as complete. Nearly everyone has some degree of cartiledge breakdown by the age of 35. Today’s science has shown us that the function of cartilage-building cells (chondrocytes) can be sustained as long as their nutritional requirements are met.
Glucosamine, (a popular supplement for joint health), is converted to hyaluronic acid by chondrocytes, and primarily acts to rehydrate cartilage, giving it greater cushioning power.  Chondroitin sulfate helps hold collagen fibers together in the formation of cartilage, but it takes more than glucosamine and chondroitin to provide first class nutritional support to chondrocytes. Joint Vibrance matches antioxidant botanical extracts and appropriate minerals to meaningful amounts of nutrients vital to the construction of cartilage.

  • Arthred™ pharmaceutically pure hydrolyzed collagen – which rebuilds cells
  • Glucomsamine & chondroitin to rehydrate, lubricate & strengthen existing cartilage
  • MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) – help cells & tissues detoxify & create
    flexible bonds in connective tissue
  • Chondroitin sulfate – for rehydration
  • Hyaluronic Acid – for lubrication
  • Type 1 collagen (for bone, skin, tendons & blood vessel walls)
  • Type 2 collagen (specifically targets cartilage health & regeneration)
  • Curcuminoids, boswellia & bromelain – potent anti-inflammatories to help lessen pain, stiffness
    & discomfort of damaged joints
  • Various glycosaminoglycans – the building blocks of cartilage & joint fluid
  • Grapeseed extracts to help bind broken collagen fibres for a “quick fix”
  • 3mg boron – critical for calcium retention; to support a healthy skeletal system & joints


  • It stimulates growth of new cartilage
  • Helps lubricate joints
  • Scavenges free radicals associated with inflammation and pain
  • Arthred® hydrolyzed collagen  nutritionally supports healthy joint function
  • Helps maintain & strengthen cartilage & connective tissue
  • BSE Free
  • It contains all of the individual ingredients attributed to joint health in one product – no other formula is as complete.
  • These ingredients can all contribute to healthier, stronger and less painful joints.