Prime D+ BHB+MCT Orange Blast (28 servings)

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  • BHB + MCT EXOGENOUS KETONES FOR EVERYBODY: Real Ketones Prime D+ exogenous ketones drink fuels quick, sustained ketosis, which allows your body to use fat rather than glucose for its primary fuel. Our multi-patented formulation of BHB+MCT ketones helps your body produce its own naturally occurring ketones. Prime D+ will enhance brain function, improve sleep, and increase energy without the jitters or the crash, giving you natural energy your body prefers to perform your best.
  • PRODUCE YOUR OWN KETONES NATURALLY WITH BHB+ MCT: Prime D+’s BHB+MCT patented formulation mimics the body’s natural ketogenic process with exogenous ketones that turn on your body’s own ability to use fat for energy production within an hour, helping to elevate and sustain ketone levels. All other ketone supplements are limited to delivering BHB ketones, which will indeed spike your ketone levels, but will not deliver consistent ketosis by helping your body make its own ketones.
  • ALLOWS FOR FLEXIBLE KETO DIET: By providing your body ketones with our low-carb drink, you have more flexibility when eating carbs because PRIME D+’s BHB + MCT ketone combo bridges the gap to keep you in ketosis. While a few extra carbs in just a plain keto diet will throw you out of ketosis, PRIME makes keto dieting much easier, cheat day friendly, more carb flexible and worry free. All Real Ketones products should be used as a part of a well balanced ketogenic diet and exercise.
  • BEST TASTING KETO SUPPLEMENT & QUALITY INGREDIENTS GUARANTEED: Prime D+ tastes great and is formulated with key nutritional ingredients not found in other ketone supplements. Our pure exogenous ketones combine 4 balanced electrolytes calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium with Prime D+ Energy blend and a proprietary Bio-Enzymatic blend to ensure the most balanced ketosis experience & performance potential. Prime D+ is allergen free, and is 100% non-GMO.