Genetic testing is the best way to truly personalise your health

by VitaGene Support

Since the mapping of the human genome in 2003, research in the field of genetics has grown exponentially. Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are both part of nutritional genomics.

Nutrigenomics studies the interaction between genes, diet and lifestyle factors - in other words, how to live as well as we can from a health perspective. It aims to identify genetic variants associated with a genetic response to diet and with diet related diseases to develop  disease  treatment  and  prevention  strategies and to improve dietary guidelines. Nutrigenetics is how a person's body reacts to nutrients based on his or her genotype. It can be used to create a personalised diet, maintain an individual’s health, avoid disease and used to support therapy. Genes regulated by dietary factors may play a role in the onset, severity, progression and development of chronic diseases. We now know that your genes don't work in isolation. Your genes work with each other and within the environment of your body. Their functioning can be improved with your daily choices of dietary intake and exercise, as well as your living environment and stress levels. Personalised recommendations using this holistic approach to health, mental health, weight management, exercise and skin care all give insight into improving your long-term health. It can also assist in preventing and mitigating the onset of chronic disease, as well as promoting longevity. A genetic test provides you with valuable insights into individual priority areas that should be considered for successful and sustained health outcomes.

Why start on the journey of genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a personalised approach as every person requires specific interventions. This testing highlights the individual's unique response to different diets, lifestyles and supplement choices (nutrigenetics), as well as their response to certain medications (pharmacogenomics).

The benefits of genetic testing include:

  • A targeted approach to diet and supplementation and consideration based on the individual’s genetics
  • Clarity on which health conditions or concerns to focus on
  • Insight into the individual’s health predisposition
  • Confidence in long-term solutions for health
  • Opportunity to make informed health choices
  • Knowledge on how to reduce the risk of chronic disease
  • To guide patients on the correct conventional medicine/chronic medication
  • Tests are non-invasive, with either a simple finger prick or a buccal swab which is also convenient for children
  • Tests can be completed in the comfort of one’s home
  • The test is once off and will add significant value to each person

At VitaGene, we are privileged to stock two brands of Nutrigenomic tests in South Africa. The companies work slightly differently in that 3X4 has one test that includes 160 genes and 36 pathways to help you understand what your body’s unique needs are. DNAlysis has multiple tests that you can combine depending on your requirements. DNAlysis bundle options are available and provide a more cost-effective way to test certain gene combinations. The goal of both companies is to help you personalise your diet and lifestyle decisions for a longer, healthier and better life. Sample reports are available for all genetic tests offered on Vitagene for you to better understand what each test offers.

DNAlysis also offers a Medcheck™ test that provides information on the responsiveness, side effects and possible treatment failure of certain medications. Lastly, the myDNAorigin test is used to take you back thousands of generations to determine where in the world your ancestors came from.

More information on the genetic tests offered at VitaGene can be found over here.




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