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Phyto Pro is a range of Sport and Healthy Lifestyle products inspired by a desire to provide clean, nutrient-dense supplements with a philosophy of “First Do No Harm”. Phyto Pro products are designed by a team with a Functional Medicine background and thus a deep understanding of how the body naturally functions, heals and regenerates and how to create synergistic formulations backed up by scientific research. Phyto Pro is primarily produced from imported ingredients in a certified facility in Cape Town.

The majority of ingredients in the Phyto Pro products are sourced from the EU and the USA. The pea protein used in the Heal, Thrive, Sport and One ranges is produced in France via a chemical-free extraction process using water and centrifugal force. Minerals are top quality amino acid chelates from the USA, herbal extracts are also sourced from the USA and fruit powders are produced locally in SA. All ingredients are non-GMO and no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives are used. Only whole foods such as real cocoa powder and real vanilla powder are used to provide flavour and, for example, real beetroot powder from France for colour.

The Phyto Pro ranges are all completely vegan, easy to digest and low in carbohydrates.

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