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The Recognized Leader in Integrative Medicine.

Panaxea the Finest Natural Herbal and Nutraceutical Medicines from America, China, India and Australia to Health Care Professionals in Southern Africa, Africa, Middle East, Russia and the UK. Their head office is continually researching for new, efficacious, integrative medicines. With full-time research staff at Shanghai TCM University and access to all academic research databases in the US, Europe, India, China and Australia, they are constantly sourcing and combining superior herbs, molecular extracts and Nutraceuticals for their practitioners. Through this process they continually create new and effective medicines.

Dr. Daniel Weber. DSc, PhD is CEO and Chief medical officer of Panaxea International. Daniel is also a Visiting Professor at Tianjin University at which he has carried out numerous studies on Panaxea’s formulations which resulted in Peer-reviewed journal articles.

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