Online dispensary for Practitioners

VitaGene provides a virtual dispensary for Health Practitioners. Through our online practitioner portal, VitaScript, practitioners can supply their patients with high-quality products without the hassle and cost of buying, keeping and selling stock in their practice. VitaGene stocks only non-scheduled vitamins, minerals, supplements and skincare products, but includes Practitioner Only and Prescription Only ranges of these products.

VitaScript enables practitioners to provide their patients with practical and cost-effective access to the full range of product suppliers on one platform. Practitioners can prescribe the most appropriate products for their patients’ needs from a comprehensive range. This enables a basket of products from multiple suppliers in a single prescription.


Free up time and money to focus on your practice

Creating a VitaScript account is 100% FREE.

It is really easy. You will be able to add patients and recommend products in no time.

Add value to your patients

Provide your patients with the best professional grade supplements. Immediately recommend products and create patient specific orders directly from your phone or laptop.

You can then relax. knowing your recommended products will arrive safely at your patients door within 2-3 days* of their order being placed.

Delivery is free for orders over R1,000*
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