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Neurologica aims to make nootropics simple to use and easy to understand. Nootropics are a new classification of molecules that acts selectively towards the brain's high-level integrative activity. Safety is the priority for Neurologica. Their in-house pharmacists and scientists have spent years studying the interactions between different ingredients and between ingredients in the body to design the ultimate stack for each individual need.

Our brain is the most complex manifestation of intelligence that we know of. Your brain is busy transmitting 1000 nerve impulses every second. The onboard computer on the Apollo 11 moon rocket had 2048 words of memory. In 2020, 42 million WhatsApp messages were sent in one minute. Times have definitely changed and our brains sometimes struggle to maintain the pace we are subjected to every day.

At Neurologica, they recognize that each person is different. Our brains respond to data overload and high stress in different ways. That is why they have created a Neurologica variant to suit your individual needs. You can even combine them if you need an extra boost.

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