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    Many people make health decisions based on generalised recommendations without ever truly understanding their bodies. However you can now optimise your health outcomes by using a DNA test to better understand your personal diet, lifestyle, and supplement requirements.

    Since the mapping of the human genome in 2003, research in in the field of genetics has grown exponentially. One of these disciplines is Nutrigenomics which studies the interaction between genes, diet and lifestyle factors - in other words, how to live as well as we can from a health perspective.

    We now know that your genes don't work in isolation. Your genes work with each other, and within the environment of your body. Their functioning can be improved with your daily choices of dietary intake and exercise, as well as your living environment and stress levels. Personalised recommendations using this holistic approach to health, mental health, weight management, exercise, and skin care all gives insight into improving your long term health. It can also assist in preventing and mitigating the onset of chronic disease, as well as promoting longevity. A genetic test provides you with valuable insights into individual priority areas that should be considered for successful and sustained health outcomes. 

    We have a selection of the highest quality nutritional genetic tests available in South Africa for you to purchase through VitaGene. However the test results need to be interpreted for you by a trained practitioner. To purchase a nutritional genetic test, please consult your health practitioner, or contact us on and we will refer you to one of our affiliated health practitioners.

    You may also be interested in investigating your ancestory - we have this test available directly to the public, with no practitioner interpretation required.

    1 product