Low Carb is Lekker 3 is here!

by VitaGene Support

With her GENEius newly coined "Low Carb High Nutrition” concept, best-selling South African author, Iné Reynierse, introduces the reader to a budget friendly way of eating nourishing meals while sighing: “oooh, now that was lekker!”

Iné Reynierse, FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner), nutrigenomics fanatic and mom of four, admits whole-heartedly that she picked up on the great need for people to have a budget friendly, easily accessible and non-overwhelming selection of recipes to address their health challenges without having to study nutrition per se.

So this mid-life momma simply went and constructed recipes with an abundance of much needed and sometimes overlooked, specific nutritional components or what she loves to refer to as “functional foods”.

Her recipes are specifically designed with the South African mommas in mind but is enjoyed by all in need of an intentional nutritional punch, whether it is hormone-helping, detox support, anti-inflammatory, stress resiliency, gut-hugging goodness or simply keeping all cellular systems supported overall.

In this book the type and sources that make up our macro’s are put under the spotlight in a sensible way and a stunning focus on micro-nutrients (those little “sparkplug” helpers” that support so many cellular systems) are effortlessly built into meals.

She devoted an entire chapter on essential functional food recipes.  Here you will see the genius jump out as she introduces add-on to any meal recipes along the following sub-headings: activators, enhancers, balancers and immune system boosters.  

Macro ratios have also been packaged into a handy, build-your-own-flexible system with clean keto, low carb and smart carb options to choose from and navigate around.   

Iné is a firm believer that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all person and therefore the need to determine each individual metabolic “happy place” or thrive zone could never be fashioned around a one-size-fits-all diet.

And for the mommas of picky eaters - REJOICE!  Many of these recipes comes with sneaky, veggie swops that not only “hides the evidence” like a pro but adds a fantastic nutritional upgrade as well!

Low Carb High Nutrition is kitchen must have! It is truly sensible nutrition made LEKKER!

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