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by VitaGene Support

Today’s food is often ultra-processed and there are more packaged options than ever before. Our fridges and freezers are packed with meals that are high in sugar and low in fiber and it’s very easy to make dietary choices out of convenience, not for nutritional value. While it’s harder to find nutritious meals and avoid empty calories, we’re also in the era of personalized nutrition – where we can leverage scientifically proven food supplements to meet our individual nutritional needs and bring our bodies back into balance. No more time-consuming and expensive mixing and matching vitamins. Test-based nutrition informs and empowers the individual.

You are one of a kind. The way to a life in balance is not a one size fits all, quick fix. It’s a very personal journey and Zinzino is here to help you give directions.

The concept of the Zinzino BalanceTest is to test to see if your omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is optimal. A healthy ratio protects our cells from oxidative stress, which occurs when antioxidant levels get too low and our body becomes overwhelmed, unable to function properly, which can lead to cell damage. Did you know that 97% of individuals are out of balance when first tested, even if they're already on other omega 3 supplements.

A healthy ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids is considered to be between 1-to-1 and 4-to-1 but studies suggest that people who follow a typical Western diet may consume a ratio of between 15-to-1 and almost 17-to-1.

Zinzino are the pioneers of test-based, personalized nutrition. Moving the needle from guess-based to test-based nutrition is at the core of what Zinzino does.

That is why their all-natural, scientifically proven supplements are tailored for you personally. And, why Zinzino will always give you proof in writing that they are doing their job.

Balance Concept - Bring your omega 3 levels back into balance:

Zinzino has revolutionized the fish oil industry. The BalanceOil+ is powered by polyphenols from pre-harvest olives, containing similar antioxidants naturally found in fish, keeping the omega 3’s fresh in the bottle and body. Our modern diet is low in key nutrients, with too many omega 6’s and not enough omega 3’s.

Take the test. Start your health journey!

First step - take the BalanceTest.

This scientific and confidential home health test is the foundation of Zinzino’s personalized nutrition strategy and a natural starting point on the way to better health.

The first test gives you the facts on your body’s current state. The second test reveals how your body responds after a period of 120 days of using the omega 3 oil.

  1. Take the test as a baseline - it measures 11 different fatty acid levels in your blood and your current essential omega 6:3 levels.

  2. Take the Zinzino omega 3 oil for 120 days.

  3. Test again to check the result - this monitors your status and confirms this product is beneficial for you.

How to use the BalanceTest:

  1. Zinzino Test is an approved in vitro diagnostics product for personal blood sample collection at home. First wash your hands with soap and rinse well with warm water and dry them.

  2. Take out the sample card from the paper envelope. Save the envelope for later use. Tear off the SAVE part on the sample card and take a picture of the test ID. You can only see your test result with your anonymous test ID number. Place the card with the two circles facing up on the table.

  3. Stimulate blood flow by making big circles with your arm or shaking the hand downwards for 20 seconds.

  4. Take out the single-use lancet. Remove the transparent safety cap and the lancet is ready to use. Use the alcohol wipe to clean the tip of your finger (middle finger is recommended). Place the lancet against the lower part of the fingertip facing the collection paper on the table. Push the top of the lancet towards the finger until you hear a click. The lancet will automatically make a small prick in the finger.

  5. Do not touch the filter paper with your fingers.

  6. Fill one circle at a time with blood. Squeeze your finger gently and wait for a drop of blood to fall inside the circle by itself. If one drop of blood does not cover the circle, allow one more drop from your finger to drip immediately. Leave the sample card in a horizontal position at room temperature for at least 10 minutes for the samples to dry well.

  7. Insert the sample card back into the paper envelope. Then place the paper envelope into the metal bag and close it. IMPORTANT: Do not remove desiccant packet inside the metal bag.

  8. Place the closed metal bag into the big envelope. Courier your completed BalanceTest back to Zinzino SA using the Postnet to Postnet courier service option at your closest Postnet branch. Please note this is an additional cost to you.

The Postnet branch you need to send your test to is DOWERGLEN.

Use 076 158 7762 as the contact number on the shipment.

Once received, Zinzino SA will send your test to the laboratory in Norway.

  1. Register your test code on www.zinzinotest.com. This is the web page where you can see your test result later. It takes 10-20 days until your result is ready.

IMPORTANT: Keep the SAVE part of the card. You can only see your test result with your anonymous test ID.

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