The story of sulforaphene

by VitaGene Support

Sulforaphene is a bioactive nutrigenomic molecule, capable of ‘switching on’ our protective cellular genes, which ignite the body’s defense mechanisms against chronic illness.

How do they do this?

The air we breathe, water we drink and sometimes the food we eat all contain chemicals that can build up in our system causing numerous health problems. Our bodies have a natural detoxing process to get rid of these molecules. Sulforaphene is the bioactive compound released from certain plants that can enhance this process. The daikon radish seed releases the highest available sulforaphene. Other cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, are also effective, as they contain a similar molecule known as sulforaphane.

Latest research shows us that genes respond to signals they receive from inside and outside our bodies. Sulforaphene can activate over 200 of the genes known to help defend the health of our cells. This activation switch is known as Nrf2. When Nrf2 switches on, it can lower inflammation and reduce oxidative stress.

Cellular health benefits include:

Reduction of all symptoms of inflammation, thereby supporting joint health, heart health, brain health, gut health, and our immunity.

Reduction of symptoms of toxicity: thereby improving brain fog, cellulite, weight gain, fatigue, and sluggish bowel. 

Health benefits

With lifestyle diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes on the rise in modern society, it is important to know that there are natural products that could help boost the body’s defense against these chronic diseases.

Powr Nutrients Freeze-dried + Blended Daikon Radish Seeds are packed with goodness. They have been tested to yield a high source of the plant compound glucoraphenin. When the seeds are eaten, the plant compound will break down and release sulforaphene. This is a powerful bioactive molecule. It can turn on our bodies’ powerful defence mechanisms by activating the biochemical protein in our body called Nrf2. This helps to regulate other antioxidant proteins against free radicals, preventing oxidative damage, and protecting cells, tissues and organs from more damage. When Nrf2 switches on, it can also lower inflammation. Sulforaphene has been shown to help the body clean up toxins from our cells which accumulate from the world around us. This could be anything from pollution and smoke to carcinogens and pesticides. 

Reduce toxicity

Sulforaphene can help to reduce toxins in the body. Toxins can come from pesticides, pollution, second-hand smoke or even carcinogens. By reducing cellular toxicity, sulforaphene can assist in overall health, by improving symptoms such as brain fog, cellulite, weight gain, fatigue and a sluggish bowel.

Lower inflammation

The activation of Nrf2 can help to reduce inflammation in the body. Reducing inflammation has a positive effect on many bodily functions. It can help to support healthy joints, a strong heart, good brain function, gut health and improve the immune system.

Other benefits

For kids: a small amount of freeze-dried daikon radish seeds a day can add to a child’s vegetable intake and provide antioxidants and fibre.

For cancer cells: in some recent studies, sulforaphene has shown to help stop the growth of cancer cells. See the article link for more information on the anti-cancer effects of sulforaphene: 

For weight management: as sulforaphene can assist the body in reducing toxicity, it helps reduce the need for fatty (adipose) tissue, making it easier to keep excess weight down. 

For more information about Nrf2:

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Information supplied by Powr Nutrients.

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