10 Day Detox Plan

Over time, the buildup of toxins from the environment and lifestyle choices can compromise the way our bodies work, and even affect our health. While many people are familiar with the idea of detoxification, there is a great deal of confusion about how to do it safely. For example, trendy water or juice fasting may cause muscle wasting and an increased feeling of fatigue. In order to support liver detoxification function, the body needs macronutrients such as quality protein and carbohydrates, plus specific micronutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals) that provide targeted nutritional support.

The Clear Change Program enhances the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities–supporting energy metabolism and overall well-being.

Clear Change Program Components

Recommended by your healthcare provider, this easy-to-follow program will get you on track to feel better and more energized in just 10 days. Components include:

UltraClear® RENEW (or other UltraClear® product recommended by your healthcare provider) provides you with all the nutritional support needed to be successful on the program

AdvaClear® capsules provide detoxification and antioxidant support that promotes overall well-being.

3-Step Program

Step 1—Days 1-4: Initial Clearing
Begin to eliminate potentially allergenic foods as summarized in the Eating Guidelines while you slowly increase intake of recommended nutritional supplements.
Step 2—Days 5-7: Metabolic Detoxification
You will be eating from a limited menu and increasing supplements as indicated or recommended.
Step 3—Days 8-9: Reintroduction
Slowly reintroduce approved foods while reducing supplements as directed. Careful attention should be paid to any reactions you may have as you reintroduce foods. Keep an accurate record.

Day 10 & Beyond: Maintenance
On Day 10, take 2 AdvaClear capsules 2 times. (If you missed a serving or 2 of the UltraClear product, you can take those today as well.) Continue to slowly reintroduce foods and wait 24-48 hours to see if you note a reaction.

To download the full program, click HERE.