VitaGene - the online Health and Wellness Shop recommended by Health Practitioners

VitaGene is an online health and wellness store recommended by health practitioners and designed to make high quality nutritional and skincare products readily available to you, conveniently and efficiently. Choosing health and skincare products can be a daunting exercise. However, all the products in the VitaGene store have been expertly researched by our team of qualified practitioners and are highly recommended. The field of nutritional supplements, particularly in the category of nutrigenomics, is an extensively scientifically researched and developing arena. We are constantly investing in our knowledge base by updating it with the latest technologies and nutritional developments available with the most recent supplements produced internationally. These improvements generally increase the precision with which a health condition can be treated. Often this is through finding ways to either improve the quality of the active ingredients, finding more effective ingredients, or focusing on improving the ability of the body to absorb the product. This is usually achieved through in depth research in finding innovative ways to isolate the critical bioactives, or technological improvements to extract these agents in new ways, or using different raw materials. Our VitaGene store provides you access to these products in order to significantly impact your ability to achieve optimum health.

VitaGene, our online store, was founded in 2017 to provide customers access to these professional grade health and skincare products seamlessly and cost effectively. We launched VitaScript in 2020 as the first virtual dispensary for health and skincare practitioners in South Africa. This practitioner platform integrates with VitaGene to help customers receive the correct product selection from their practitioners.

Our in-house product specialist, Jean Brazendale BSc (Med) (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics has a thorough knowledge of all our products and provides technical support to practitioners in selecting the appropriate products for their patients across the multiple brands available.

Jean, who previously ran her clinical nutrition practice from 1996 to 2020, has a strong grounding in medical dietetics and in 2013, she embarked on a journey of nutrigenomics. She believes this is the future of personalized healthcare and nutrition and is passionate about this growing field of nutrition. Precision nutrition and optimum health is achievable for individuals and she loves working in this exciting and developing field.

At VitaGene, we have many wonderful ideas and projects on the go and will continue to look for exciting products and tools that will add value to the lives of both practitioners, their patients, and our customers. Our mission in life is to promote health and longevity by providing access to the highest quality health and skincare products in South Africa.