Sulforaphane update

There has been a worldwide shortage of Sulforaphane due to the influence of COVID-19. The premium grade broccoli sprouts missed the growing season impacting the new crops Sulforaphane yield. As a result of the lower Sulfurophane yield, the volumes of Sulfurophane contained in the capsules of suppliers has changed. EnduraCell® powder is the raw material used in both Medford Cell Assure+ and Coyne Bio-Sulforaphane.

Medford have temporarily changed the volume of EnduraCell® powder to 2 capsules delivering the same dose as 1 capsule previously. There are now 120 capsules in a bottle to compensate for this. The price has increased in the process. 2 capsules of CellAssure+ yield 13.2mg Sulforaphane (4 capsules 26.4mg)

CellAssure+ remains a PRACTITIONER EXCLUSIVE product.

Coyne Bio-Sulforaphane yields 7mg per capsule (15mg per 2 capsules) which is a reduced dose compared to the previous level of 10mg per capsule. The price has remained the same. If a higher treatment dose is required, one can easily increase the intake to 3 capsules a day instead of the recommended 2 capsules a day.

Coyne Bio-Sulforaphane is available over the counter.

Please be aware of the dosage differences in these products. If you are unsure which product is the best for you, please contact your practitioner for clarity. Both of these products have been unavailable so you may have to use the alternative option for a period of time depending on our stock levels.

The EnduraCell® raw material continues to be subjected to the same high quality control standards. EnduraCell® is not derived from milled seed, nor is this 100% whole broccoli sprout product an ‘extract’.