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DNA Mind®

DNA Mind®

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Please note: feedback (and your report) from this test can only be obtained via a consultation with a registered DNAlysis practitioner. Please contact VitaGene for assistance in finding a practitioner from our database of registered practitioners. There will be an additional fee for the consultation.

Embrace a more personalised approach to your mental health by better understanding your unique genetic make-up.

About this test

DNA Mind® is a genetic test that reports on variants in genes that have significant associations with mental health including risk for addictive behaviour, cognitive decline, depression, anxiety and mood regulation.

Ideal for

The test is suitable for those who are concerned about a family history of, or are personally suffering from mental illness, specifically around addiction, cognitive decline or mood disorders. The Medcheck™ test should be considered alongside DNA Mind® in these cases. DNA Mind® is also valuable as an adjunct to DNA Health® for clients seeking to improve overall longevity, including mental wellness by refining their health routine with a targeted approach to diet, lifestyle and nutraceuticals.

Test results

There is significant evidence highlighting the link between genetics and mental health disorders: cognitive decline, depression and anxiety, as well addictive behaviours. Genetics and environment should always both be considered when working in the field of mental health. DNA Mind® provides valuable insight into the genetic contribution of key biological pathways that influence mental health and allows for a deeper understanding of individual responsiveness to the environment.

The process

  1. Order the test (or combination) and we will contact you regarding selecting your consulting practitioner (feedback can only be given to you through a consulting practitioner).
  2. Collect your DNA sample using the DNAlysis test kit that is sent to you.
  3. Sample is sent to the DNAlysis laboratory and report sent to your healthcare practitioner within 3 to 4 weeks.
  4. Explore your DNA. Your healthcare practitioner will notify you once they receive the report to set up a consultation. Your data is securely stored for future reports, if desired.

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Please note feedback (and your report) from this test can only be obtained via a consultation with a registered DNAlysis practitioner.


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