More and more, pet owners are saying that their animals are ‘part of the family’. 

With this, comes taking extra care in making sure that pets are well looked after, including their health. While we know that healthy pets are happy pets, happy pets also mean happy owners

The great news is that more and more options are available in the form of top quality pet foods and supplements, helping you keep your pet healthy and happy.  

One such company, Vibrant Health, well known for their high-quality products and carefully formulated supplements now has a PET’S RANGE! 

There are three products in their Vibrant Companions range: 

Vibrant Companions Digestive Greens contains nourishing high fibre nutrient-dense green plants & grasses (natural grazing for animals) to enhance chlorophyll & fibre in their diets, along with probiotics to support digestive health and provide added absorption of essential nutrients. It’s great for overall pet health, especially increased immunity, detoxification, antioxidants and cancer prevention. 

Some other great health-boosting benefits for your pet include kidney and liver support; eye health; improved energy; longevity; skin problems and even bad breath! Flavoured with real beef liver powder, even this fussiest of pets will love it. 

Vibrant Companions UT Health is a ‘crisis intervention’ product, for the treatment of all urinary tract issues that result from a build-up of bacteria, antibiotic use or poor diet, leaving pets vulnerable to recurring infections and a weakened immune system.

Containing D-mannose, an anti-microbial sugar naturally occurring in cranberries, which binds to sites where E.Coli bacteria are attached and helps rid the urinary tract of this infection-causing bacteria, and antioxidant-rich botanicals, UT Health is specially designed to help your pet during active signs of infection, such as accidents, pain & difficulty urinating.

Vibrant Companions JOINT + HIP stimulates joint cartilage growth, flexibility and mobility. 

Cartilage naturally wears down over time from everyday activities and as pets age, it becomes more difficult to replace this lost cartilage. This is when supplementation may be useful to rebuild cartilage and ease associated pain. 

Key joint ingredients such as MSM, Chondroitin & Glucosamine have been proven to put “pep” back into their step. Type 1 and 2 Collagen as well as other bone and joint supporting nutrients help speed up the healing. An added benefit of the JOINT + HIP is the almost immediate reduction in pain! 

It’s been carefully designed to help your pet’s joints stay healthy and functioning properly, well into old age. 

Here’s a story about how Vibrant Companions JOINT + HIP changed one pet's life: 

My 10-year-old Daschund was showing signs of wear and tear and slowing down, since adding vibrant companions joint and hip supplement to his diet, he has shown a marked increase in vitality and mobility. I’m blown away by this product and how quickly we’ve seen the effects.” – Bernice

Now you can give your pets the gift of good health with the Vibrant Companions range. 

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