Is your probiotic doing the important work of repairing your gut?

by VitaGene Support

Is your probiotic doing the important work of repairing “Leaky Gut” and maintaining gut integrity? All the while restoring and nourishing your unique microbiome?

Spore probiotics are what everyone’s been talking about overseas, and for good reason, because they’re a paradigm shift, based on the latest research in our understanding of the human microbiome — and superior in many ways.

Our gut is either directly or indirectly connected to almost every aspect of our health:

  • From 80% of our immune system residing in our gut, 
  • To our gut being essential for digestion, absorption, and elimination,
  • To even involvement in our mood, hormone and blood sugar regulation,

… and this is not even half the list! 

Our gut health is fundamental to our overall health and immunity.

Yet so much of our modern life is harmful and damaging to our gut and life-giving microbes. FLORISH Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid has been specifically formulated to contain the best strains of Bacillus bacteria to help restore gut health completely. The 5 keystone Bacillus spores in FLORISH have so many amazing individual characteristics and benefits, here are just three key points these spores do in combination:

  1. Support the repair of "Leaky Gut" like nothing else.

With the rise of stress and anxiety, electromagnetic field pollution, the use of glyphosate and pesticides on our crops, additives, preservatives, and GMOs in our food, too much sugar and the typical junk-food couch-potato lifestyle, came the rise in food allergies/intolerances, gut issues, inflammatory diseases, and so many other ailments.

“Leaky Gut” has been identified as a root cause of all these. This is when the lining of the gut is broken down and becomes porous, and small pieces of broken-down bacteria, which would normally be eliminated from the body when we defecate, now leak out into the bloodstream and begin to lodge in the different parts of the body. This leaking results in inflammation wherever the toxic particles ended up lodged in the body, resulting in the inflammatory diseases that have become so common today: asthma, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, systemic lupus, arterial sclerosis, cancer and even autoimmune issues, to mention just a few.

The spores in FLORISH have been clinically shown[1] to support the repair and healing of "Leaky Gut” — by up to 60% in the first month of supplementation, and that without any other lifestyle changes or specific protocols/interventions.

  1. Supports the optimum environment for ALL species of beneficial gut bacteria in the colon, to your unique microbiome.

Studies have shown that the spores in FLORISH Spore Probiotics increase microbial diversity, which we know is a crucial element in robust health and immunity.

The 5 keystone strains of the Bacillus bacteria in FLORISH each have unique functions in the gut, and together they can work to restore good gut health to the entire gut, and that to your unique microbiome. No two people have the same microbiome — yours is as unique as your fingerprint. With their ability to read your microbial enviroment (via quorum sensing), the spores in FLORISH work to restore your gut to your unique microbiome.

  1. Self-stable and extremely hardy.

The Bacillus strains in FLORISH belong in the human gut as their primary habitat. When they are found outside the gut, in the soil, for example, they are in their dormant spore-state. These strains have the natural ability to create a hardy endospore shell around themselves, protecting and preserving themselves, similar in concept to a seed. Once the FLORISH spores arrive in the large intestine, like seeds, they germinate into their vegetative forms and begin their work. This is the paradigm shift! Instead of trying to re-seed the gut, the spores in FLORISH are able to compete for space in the gut and readily colonize, thereby reconditioning the gut.

Because the Bacillus strains in FLORISH are in their hardy spore-state, FLORISH Spore Probiotics is shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated. 

FLORISH Spore Probiotics restore and maintain gut-health.

FLORISH not only reconditions and restores the overall health of the gut but continues to be protective. Our modern world is a toxic one and we need to support and protect our health — and our gut — as best we can. In addition, these 5 keystone spores are not found in foods, making supplementation necessary.

Health is holistic and we encourage FLORISH to be used as part of healing protocols and a healthy lifestyle. 

FLORISH Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid is 100% local, manufactured here in SA.


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