Solve your winter skin dilemma with collagen

Solve your winter skin dilemma with collagen

Beauty, hydration and youthfulness from within, with Collagen ProActive

Winter time can be a beautiful and refreshing time. However, it can cause many of us to hibernate and pay less attention to maintaining a healthy, hydrated skin. The colder, often drier weather wreaks havoc on the wellness of our skin, leaving it feeling dull, dry, tight and often itchy. 

Winter is also a time when underlying skin conditions can be exacerbated, such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

The beauty and skincare market is inundated with various products, treatments and supplements aimed at combating aging and dry winter skin. It’s often tricky to know what to use, what works and what provides the best results.

Advanced Collagen Pro-Active, Liquid Collagen, has consistently been shown in scientific and clinical studies to improve your skin's quality, hydration & appearance, but most importantly, it supports the repair process of the skin’s structure, from the inside out.

Give yourself the gift of smoother, hydrated, youthful ‘Winter Skin’

All year round and most especially during Winter, Collagen ProActive:

  • increases the skin’s hydration by retaining moisture within the skin.
  • improves the skin’s elasticity:  improving its ability to rebound, thus reducing sagging, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.
  • reduces the appearance of fragmentation in the skin, thus fighting the visible signs of aging.
  • stimulates the activity of fibroblasts within the skin, producing healthy Collagen.

Collagen ProActive is a unique pharmaceutical grade dietary supplement, making use of the most advanced technology, currently on the market. The bioavailability and daily dose of any supplement is of vital importance i.e. how much of the product is actually absorbed and the strength of the daily dose taken.

Studies prove that Collagen ProActive has a >90% bioavailability, providing the body with 10 000mg of the highest quality and technologically advanced, hydrolysed Collagen.

The advanced formula also contains

  • Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant, which assists in skin repair)
  • Zinc (which assists in repair - for dry and acne prone skin)
  • Hyaluronic acid (assists in skin hydration and suppleness)
  • Silicon (boosts effective Collagen production)
  • B Vitamins and Magnesium

Collagen ProActive is not only the best quality supplement for promoting skin anti-aging and structure, it also supports joint and bone strength, recovery post injury or surgery, sports/exercise performance, immune system resilience and hair and nail strength. Making it an all-in-one supplement for ‘inner’ wellness and vitality and ‘outer’ youthfulness.

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