What weakens your immune system?

by VitaGene Support

Micro organisms live in and around us all the time but, they do not always harm us or make us sick.

Any stress (emotional, physical or mental) to our system creates the ideal conditions for micro organisms / germs to flourish. We all go through periods where these things are out of our control. Life happens, we get stressed and run down.

Stressors include:

  • toxicity
  • trauma
  • pathogens
  • mental & emotional factors (fear, anxiety, anger)
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Environmental pollution
  • Poor nutrition
  • Fast food
  • Sugar
  • Lack of sleep
  • Mould
  • Excessive exercise

This is where Immune Defense can be a lifesaver. As soon as you feel run down, or you’re not sleeping or you’re going through a stressful time impacting your overall wellness - support your immune system by boosting the immune fighters (your Defense Army) in the body to prevent the bacteria or viruses from taking hold and thriving.


Immune Defense contains 6 powerful ingredients that:

  • Stop invading germs in their tracks
  • Activate cell-to-cell messengers – alerting the immune system to activate or “switch on” quicker
  • Strengthen all the immune system defenses
  • Have anti-bacterial properties
  • Inhibit viral replication with Gigartina Red Marine Algae
  • Support a healthy gut lining

IMMUNOGLOBULINS — (500mg) are antibodies (specialised proteins) that stop invading germs from taking hold in the body or guide other immune defences to destroy them. The stress of infection and other conditions cause a reduction in Immunoglobulin secretion and Antibody production. Supplementation of Immunoglobulins help preserve the protective barrier of the mucosal lining and digestive tract (the first areas of adhesion of Bacteria or Viruses) to protect the body against invasion.

LARCH ARABINOGALACTANS— (250mg) are polysaccharides—a protein & sugar combination (complex sugars) found between cells of the plant. They have immune stimulating properties that lessen bacterial adherence and colonisation in the intestine.

They also lessen inflammation and protect against radiation and allergies and decrease any viral load by inhibiting the Virus from duplicating itself.

PEPPERMINT LEAF EXTRACT – (90mg) Anti-bacterial and pleasantly aromatic.

ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT- (60mg) A broad range antibacterial that can kill off a host of regular intestinal invaders in relatively small dosages. It eradicates pathogens in the GI tract that might otherwise have to be dealt with by the product's immunoglobulins (acting as their side kick).

BETA GLUCANS— (50mg) 1,3 & 1,6 are powerful antioxidants, with increased free radical scavenging ability to allow the immune system to fight back against invaders such as fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites & UV radiation.

Beta Glucans along with Larch Arabinogalactans activate Macrophages and NK cells, which activate cell-to-cell messengers, stimulating immune activity deeper within the body (in case any Bacteria or Viruses are not stopped in time).

GIGARTINA (RMA)— (50mg) is a Red Marine Algae that contains sulphated polysaccharides that inhibit viral replication and protect healthy cells from the viruses.

To strengthen your immune system – focus on boosting the natural immune fighters in the body designed to prevent bacteria & viruses from taking hold and thriving. Your immune system can produce a million antibodies a minute to recognize and disarm billions of invaders (antigens) – all it needs is healthy gut bioflora / Probiotics (70% of your Immune system stems from your gut Probiotics) and the right nutrients to feed your Immune army. Immune Defense is it!

We recommend:

Taking 3 caps – per day for 5 days at the beginning of each small seasonal change (March, end of April, July, September etc.) – when the body is adjusting to changes in weather, temperature and light.

Should you wake up with a sore throat or a runny nose or simply feeling run down – kick your Immune System into high gear:

Take 3 caps – every 2 or 3 hours for a day or two. You may still get mildly sick – but your body will have stronger natural defences to fight off the invasion.

All the above products are available from our online shop, vitagene.co.za, or you can collect directly from our warehouse.

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