Don't let fatty liver sneak up on you: Your guide to a healthier liver.

by VitaGene Support

The lowdown on fatty liver

Did you know your liver naturally contains some fat? That’s normal. However, when this fat storage reaches 5% to 15% of your liver's total weight, it's a red flag. You've officially entered the realm of the fatty liver, a significant concern for your overall well-being. 

Beyond booze: The sugar & weight connection

We often link liver problems with heavy drinking, but here's the twist – excessive sugar intake and carrying extra weight can lead to a fatty liver. We're talking about Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD), and it's a topic worth exploring.

The ripple effect of MAFLD

Why worry about MAFLD? Well, if ignored, it can turn into non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a severe fatty liver disease characterised by rampant inflammation. Worst case scenario? It could lead to liver scarring (cirrhosis) and ultimately liver failure, mirroring the damage caused by heavy drinking.

Beyond the liver

What's more troubling is that liver inflammation can spill over, causing issues throughout your body. It elevates your risk of heart disease and diabetes and worsens diabetes complications. In the darkest scenario it might pave the way for liver cancer and complete liver failure. 

Lifestyle and risk

Does your daily routine raise your MAFLD risk? Absolutely! Being overweight, especially around the belly, and having type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance are key players. If you're diabetic or seriously overweight, your odds of a fatty liver shoot up to 55%. Even if you're slightly overweight, the risk is still over 50%. 

Silent intruder & sneaky symptoms

Here's the catch with MAFLD – it's a silent operator. Symptoms may not show until it's reached the advanced stages. When it does, they could be as subtle as fatigue, a touch of upper right belly discomfort, nausea, a dip in appetite, or even some unexpected weight loss.

Seize control & take action

But here's the ray of sunshine – you can prevent or reverse MAFLD starting today! Studies tell us that shedding excess weight is the golden ticket. Aiming for a 10% drop in your total body weight is ideal, but even a 5% reduction can kickstart some serious improvements for your liver and overall health.

A helping hand for your liver

Your liver has an amazing ability to heal itself, and you can be its trusty sidekick. Early intervention with targeted supplements can help tackle the root causes of fatty liver, quell inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress – the driving forces behind MAFLD. 

LiverScript, GlucoScript and LipiScript offer crucial support, safeguarding your liver, giving it the green light to regenerate. Plus, they're handy in reducing the risk factors linked to metabolic diseases. 

Information supplied by Medford.

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