How to avoid getting your supplements stuck in your throat

by VitaGene Support

Let’s tackle a common issue that many of us face when taking supplements and medications: getting stuck in our throats!
Not only can this be uncomfortable and frustrating, but it can also be dangerous if the tablet gets lodged in the wrong place.
We’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to avoid this problem. So, if you’re tired of feeling like your tablets are getting stuck in your throat, below are tips to help you.

1. Drink sufficient liquid

Drink at least 200ml of water (or another beverage) at room temperature or slightly colder when taking tablets.

2. Thicker liquids may help
Individuals who struggle with swallowing tablets may also benefit by drinking liquids with a high viscosity as these fluids travel more slowly allowing the individual to co-ordinate their swallow response and prevent coughing and choking. Thickened liquids include milk (or non-dairy alternative), drinking yoghurt, milkshakes, cream based soups and tomato juice.

3. Position matters
Be in an upright position when taking tablets so that gravity can help move them down. In general, it is recommended that the head also be in an upright, neutral position with no rotating or bending while swallowing.

Tilting the head back is generally not recommended as it may increase choking risk.

4. Avoid taking tablets directly before bedtime
Don't take tablets right before lying down or going to bed. However, if you must lie down straight after taking a tablet, lie on your right side or your back. Because the stomach curves from left to right, gravity hinders the tablet from reaching the intestine if you are on your left side.

5. Take supplements or medications with food (if allowed)
If permissible, eat a snack or a meal to help move the tablet down. This also helps to improve the absorption of some supplements.

6. Choose a non-tablet formulation
Consider chewable tablets, liquids, sprays or effervescent tablets instead of capsules, softgels, regular tablets or caplets (coated oral tablets). VitaGene carries a large range of non-tablet supplements for those that struggle to swallow tablets.

7. Choose a smaller tablet
The larger the tablet, the more likely it is to get stuck. To reduce tablet size, consider, taking more tablets of a lower strength (discuss with healthcare professional if available).


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